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How Long Do Our Preserved Flowers Last?

Preserved flowers, stabilized flowers or also called infinity flowers, are natural plants that are taken through a preservation process whereby they keep their fresh look for a long period of time. Infinity roses usually have a lifespan of minimum one year, but this can be extended up to 3 years. The preservation process makes the flowers sensible to a few different factors which could reduce the lifespan of your arrangement or flower box.

In order to make your flowers long lasting, there are a few things you should avoid, as the quality of your arrangement will depend on how you take care of it.

1. In order to maintain perfectly shaped petals with no cracks, avoid touching your arrangement. Just like natural flowers, the petals of infinity roses are sensible.

2. During the preservation process of flowers and foliages, we remove all the natural saps from the plants, replace them with a glycerin-based solution and dry them. Avoiding exposure to humidity is very crucial, to avoid that the flower petals become more sensible as they take up the humidity, which could result in petals cracking.

3. In the preservation/ stabilizing process of flowers the petals lose their color and become transparent, so we color the flowers with food coloring in different colors. In order to maintain their colors longer vibrant, it is important to avoid placing your arrangements in direct light, as direct light makes the color fade away quicker. Over a period of time, this is probably the first change you will see in your arrangement.

4. In contrast with natural flowers that need water to survive, with infinity flowers it is the complete opposite. Watering your arrangement would damage it.

5. Preserved flowers are for indoor use only. If you place your arrangement outside, it will be affected by all of the above: direct light, humidity and water which means that this is a recipe for disaster.

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