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What are Preserved Flowers?

For the past 40 years Vermont Flowers have been selecting the finest blossoms, foliage and other plant materials in order to create the most exquisite preserved flower bouquets and decorations. Our key element is to ensure that only the finest materials are used so the products are able to retain their freshly picked aesthetic for years to come, with only low maintenance required. Ultimately fulfilling all botanical desires for an eternity to come. Ultimately the original pioneers behind the distinct flower and foliage preservation process and technology.

The Preservation Process of Preserved Flowers:

In the industry we refer to the preservation process of the flowers as stabilized flowers.

Stabilizing flowers is a complex process, and can be outlined in the following steps:

1. The natural flowers come fresh from the farms. Our team inspects batches of roses and carefully choose the best quality rose heads. This is carried out by examining each rose head to ensure there are no physical defects or imperfections. The best ones are selected, then the stem is cut off and placed on trays which will then go into a stabilising solution.

At Vermont Flowers Ltd., all the flowers originate from local farmers who operate small and large scale farms. Kenya is well known for its beautiful roses that are exported all over the world, and we are proud to be a part of the companies that represent the flower industry of Kenya’s local market to the world.

2. During the process, the natural saps of the flowers are replaced with a glycerin-based solution. As a result of this process the flowers lose their color leaving the petals completely transparent. They will then undergo a different process of dying and coloring, giving them that famous vibrant glow.

3. After this process, the stabilised flowers are dried and once again carefully sorted through and selected.

4. Lastly, the best quality roses are chosen to make our unique creations.

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